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Calm Lake


In Person - Office:

Full Session $130: One hour integrative therapy session held in my office in Downtown Apex. 

Maintenance Check-in/Coping Skills $65: Thirty minute session held in office.

Tele-therapy - Virtual: 

Full Session $130: One hour session held over HIPPA compliant video or telephone platform.

Maintenance Check-in $65: Thirty minute session held over HIPPA compliant video or telephone platform.

In person - Outdoor Therapy $130 - $170

One hour to One and-a-half hour sessions comprised of ecotherapy, mindfulness and somatic based therapies held outdoors. Location will be predetermined by client and therapist before session. Sessions will meet rain or shine unless determined unsafe prior to session time. 

Eco-Mindfulness Group - pay what you can (Suggested $15)
*Currently not meeting


This group is designed for those interested in learning nature based mindfulness and regulation skills, rooted in the principles of ecotherapy, ecosomatics, and naturalism. You do not need a therapist recommendation or formal diagnosis to be able to join - I only ask that you respect and honor where you and your fellow group members' are in your healing process while attending. If you are interested in attending any of the groups please contact me.

Insurance & Billing 

Blue Cross & Blue Shield


United Health Care


In Network Filing - Will file with your insurance electronically. Co-payment due at time of session.

Out of Network Filling - I can provide you with a Superbill to file with your insurance company. Full payment for session will be due at time of session.

Sliding Scale - I offer sliding scale opportunities to all of my clients who request it.

Green Branch in Lake


What is ecotherapy? 

Ecotherapy is an "umbrella term for nature-based methods of physical and psychological healing ...acknowledges the vital role of nature and addresses the human-nature relationship." 


"Ecotherapy refers to healing and growth nurtured by healthy interaction with the earth." 


Ecotherapy identifies "health (as) a systems concept that cannot be split off from the whole", where healing our bodies also includes taking care of the environment around us.


In therapeutic practice, the natural world becomes a co-therapist, a third entity in the client-therapist relationship, where as inviting nature in to the mix offers increased opportunity to reconnect our bodies to a bigger system and increase our awareness using our senses and curiosity. 


What are some ecotherapy practices?

Ecotherapy practices encompass a wide range of work-in-nature: nature-reconnection practices, animal-assisted psychotherapy, horticultural therapy, time-stress management, wilderness work and retreat, environmental activism, nature bathing, voluntary simplicity, nature based meditation groups, walking therapy, and more. 

Quotes and definitions: Ecotherapy: Healing With Nature In Mind, edited by: Linda Buzzell and Criag Chalquist

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